Exploring American Democracy

with Alexis de Tocqueville as Guide

Other Campus Facilities

Each seminar participant will be officially appointed by the university as a Visiting Scholar. Seminar participants will therefore have full access to all University facilities—the internet system, all libraries and available databases needed for research (Alderman Library is the main academic library), athletic facilities (for a modest fee of $30 per week payable at the athletics business office just down the street from where you'll get your university ID card), and dining halls (see "CAMPUS DINING" below for hours and locations). Rental bicycles will be available on campus through Ubike.

We will maintain an active correspondence with the selected participants to facilitate their trip to Charlottesville and make their stay productive and pleasant at the same time, including of course opening and closing dinners at the director’s home and other social activities. 

CAMPUS DINING (see hours here)